- FOOD - 
TAKOI food is inspired by (not identical to) the pantries and markets of Thailand and Southeast Asia.
 Everything is served family-style. 
Guests are invited to eat with their hands, and ask for guidance. Eat UP.

- BAR - 
Our drinks mirror our food.
We serve 1/2 and 1/1 size cocktails, beer, and wine. Drink UP.

We accept reservations for parties of 5 or more.
All of our 2 and 4 tops are reserved for walk-ins.

TAKOI is small, energetic, vibrant, and nationally-recognized. 
During peak hours and on weekends, expect to wait for a table.
We offer a small lounge with a live DJ, drinks, and snacks that services guests waiting for a table - The GREEN ROOM.
Come early, come late, or expect to wait...

Our restaurant is nondescript. It is surrounded by a 16' tall fence.
Design by Ishtiaq Rafiuddin of UNDECORATED.

We rent our GREEN ROOM for private parties, and under other unique circumstances
consider renting the entire restaurant.
We sell Gift Cards.